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Transparent, close, empathetic. Knowing your needs from the inside and adapting to them.

Lujo Network is a NETWORK that performs digital distribution and monetization, born from the need to create something different, exclusive, to take a leap in quality in the professionalization of digital services; «A luxe (LUJO) within the reach of all our customers. A successful collaborative and profitable network.

A “Deluxe“(Lujo) Network highlighted by its simplicity, so that any client can understand the idea that anyone with potential, even if they don't have knowledge of new technologies, can have access and achieve the elaborated strategies used by great artists and successful influencers , have positive experiences to increase your earnings on digital or put your songs at the top of the charts and/or the most successful and heard songs on digital platforms.

We help you grow and bring your efforts and dreams to reality

Janeth Lujo​

Janeth Lujo, entrepreneur, business coordinator, co-founder and partner of Lujo Network, decided to take this to the macro, more segmented and exclusive version of the business. Printing the “Deluxe”(Lujo) version to the digital distribution business. Thus, “Lujo Network” was born.

In Janeth's conception: «“Deluxe“(Lujo) is the search to deliver 'the best of the best' to our clients. Treat them uniquely, giving them a broader view of how they can improve.

Jeff Nuno

Jeff Nuno, pioneer in the digital distribution market in Brazil, as a music and entertainment executive, specialist in digital strategy, founded and contributed to the growth of various music and entertainment companies within digital for all these years.

There were many success stories with various companies and creators, in addition to the success he achieved by participating and founding digital distribution in Brazil.

We are music!

With offices in Europe and the United States, with extensive experience in the market, today it has an outstanding team of excellent professionals in technology, music and entertainment.

Lujo Network transforms independent companies, empowers companies/artists/creators/influencers, advises, gives consulting, creates and develops plans, raises the flag of independent companies, helps create new stories so that they interact with freedom, independence, success, transparency and great profitability in the digital music market and among influencers.  


Mauricio Cárdenas

Director of Relations

Anibal Noba

Director of Ops

Lisbeth Lujo

YouTube A&R

David Ticona

YouTube Assistant

Eivert Lujo

Manager of Operations

Mirtha León

YouTube Assistant

Rafael Fuentes

Customer Service

Carolay Balderrama


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